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Science Fair 2023

Please view our Junior High Science Fair projects,  A wonderful array of projects and creativity.  Click Here to view.
Here are the results for the 2023 Junior High Science Fair.
These projects have been recognized by our judges to move on to the San Mateo County STEM Fair in March. Some additional projects will be considered for the Mercy Burlingame Girls in Science event.

5th grade

  • Lava lamp (Josephine Song & Victoria Lopez)

  • What Can Magnetic Slime Do? (Cheryl Ouyang & Breanna Martinez)

  • Which Filtration Leads to the Best Freshwater? (Luke David & Cameron Pantangco)

6th grade

  • Can growing a plant using hydroponics affect how fast it grows (Krish Patel)

  • Does Color Affect Taste (Brayden Constantino & Conor Pantangco)

  • Can distractions save you from feeling pain? (Mason Mineses


7th grade

  • How do Curds Ferment? (Aarav Agrawal)

  • What kind of shampoo is best for your hair? (Stephania Quinteros)

  • What Carbonated Drink removes the rust the best? (Lavanna Maharjan & Katelyn Song)

8th grade

  • The Planarian Regeneration (Eva Mutoh)

  • Which doorknob in my house contains the most bacteria? (Brianna Hernandez)

  • Can aloe juice save your berries from rot and mold? (Demi Alfonso)