Catholic Identity » Philosophy


All Souls Catholic School is a community of faith
and each child within it is a unique creation of God
each child is blessed with a special set of talents and gifts to be nurtured
it is our mission to help each child to develop a personal relationship with God
it is our responsibility to guide each child toward development of his or her God-given potential to the fullest
we acknowledge that parents are the first and primary educators of their children, especially in matters of faith
we must strive to provide an environment that fosters a belief in the sacredness of the human person
we must maintain an atmosphere that combines structure and creativity while fostering an enthusiasm for life-long learning
we must nurture enduring Christian values such as compassion, respect for differences, and peaceful conflict resolutions
we must create a spirit of understanding and cooperation in which teachers, students, and parents can grow and learn together
we must instill in our students the 21st century skills necessary to flourish in a technologically connected global society
we must influence students and families to be dynamic agents of change in society in the areas of social and racial justice, human dignity, freedom, and peace