Grades k-8 » Grade 6

Grade 6

English And Language Arts

In English sixth grade students focus on the proper use of grammar and development of essay writing. As stepping-stones towards writing a well-organized, formal essay, students review sentence structure, the parts of speech, the different types of clauses and phrases, and capitalization and punctuation throughout the year. Opinion, persuasion, compare and contrast, personal narrative essays and research reports are all covered. In literature, this year builds on previous years' instruction centered on reading, interpreting, and analyzing works of fiction and non-fiction. A variety of genres are covered throughout the year, including: myths, poems, short stories, fiction novels, dramatic plays, and essays.


History & Social Studies

This year focuses on Ancient Civilization and the development of man. Among the civilizations studied throughout the year are: early hunter-gather societies, the Ancient Mesopotamians, the Ancient Egyptians, the Indus River Valley peoples. The Maurya Empire, China's many dynasties, the Ancient Greeks, the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire. Some world religions are also covered within the context of specific civilizations, including paganism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism and Christianity. Within each chapter, specific skills are introduced, continually practiced, and tested. These skills include, but are not limited to: reading maps and charts, understanding timelines, identifying cause and effect, distinguishing fact from opinion, and judging the validity and reliability of primary and secondary sources and other historical evidence.





Sixth grade math is designed to improve and solidify the student's computational and problem solving skills. Mastering the four arithmetic operations, with whole numbers, positive fractions, positive decimals, and positive and negative integers, give the students the preparation for more complex concepts introduced in the seventh grade. The students are introduced to both algebraic and geometric concepts that become the building blocks for future mathematic courses.


Religion Studies

This year focuses on the Old Testament. Topics covered over the course of the year include, but are not limited to: the creation of the world, mystery of evil, covenants as God's promises, prophets as the messengers of God, and the coming of Jesus. Integrated into each chapter/unit are opportunities for students to become more proficient in reading the Bible and using it as a source of information on the Catholic doctrine outside of their textbook. Students also participate in class discussions on a variety of topics as well as individual and group activities centered on God and their relationship with Him. Students learn about the creation of humans as God's gifts, beings who form loving relationships with each other and God, and who can also bring new life into the world.



Sixth grade students will study Earth Science including plate tectonics and the earth's structure. Topography in the shaping of the earth's surface is covered along with thermal energy, energy in the earth's system. Ecology is also covered with emphasis on our resources of energy and materials. Laboratory investigation and experimentation teach students to implement the scientific process.


Foreign Language - Spanish

Spanish class begins with greetings, prayers, and today’s weather and date. Students review colors, alphabet, numbers, months of the year, days of the week, seasons, and body parts as warm up. Students learn new vocabulary weekly and perform oral and written activities using a workbook. Students continue to focus on spelling, developing sentences, and carrying on conversations. Students will read in Spanish, for comprehension and pronunciation; they will write in Spanish, focusing on grammar and proper usage. Assessment is based on weekly tests, vocabulary quizzes, daily class work, homework, and participation in class.