School Learning Expectations

School Learning Expectations

Our school philosophy states, β€œAll Souls Catholic School is a community of faith where we believe that each child is a unique creation of God, blessed with a special set of talents and gifts.” All member of the school community work in partnership to guide each child in the development of his/her potential. It is our goal therefore, to graduate students who are:

ACTIVE CHRISTIANS who                       

  • know the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church and basic prayers
  • share their time and resources in the service of others
  • use their moral conscience to make decisions in the light of Gospel values
  • participate in communal Liturgical celebrations


  • express themselves effectively through writing, oral communication, and technology
  • speak articulately and with integrity
  • listen critically and compassionately
  • use all forms of communication respectfully and responsibly




  • utilize their own unique gifts and talents and appreciate the unique gifts and talents of others
  • exhibit a sense of self worth acquired through learning and life experiences
  • work independently and collaboratively
  • possess skills in extra curricular areas and exhibit a positive attitude


  • possess a solid foundation of basic skills with which to communicate effectively and solve problems independently
  • demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning while thinking critically and creatively
  • recognize and utilize their own strengths and weaknesses as guidelines for self-improvement and enrichment
  • apply organizational and study skills to promote success in the classroom and beyond




  • assume responsibility for their own actions
  • understand the need for different points of view in making well-informed decisions
  • possess the social skills necessary for collaboration and problem solving
  • appreciate the diversity of society as well as their personal heritage
  • express awareness regarding and concern for local and global issues
If you have further questions about our curriculum, our faith, or our philosophy on teaching reach out to us anytime!