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School Board

The All Souls Catholic School Board is an advisory entity to the Principal and school administration.  The board members are made up from parents and alumni of the school.
The board meets on the third Tuesday of every month.  The board has sub committees which focus on Finances, Facilities and Fundraising/Alumni/Marketing.
The finance sub committee meets prior to the monthly board meeting.
Meeting Dates:
September 19th 2023
October 17th 2023
November 14th 2023
December 19th 2023
January 16th 2024
February 2th 2024
March 19th 2024
April 16th 2024
May 14th 2024
School Board membership 2023 - 2024

Agrawal, Nitish

Borneo, Jovencio

Giusti, James.

Mason, Tina-Marie

Martinus, Venus

McCann, Kelley - Vice President

Mena Ready, Angie

Nicolas, Elijah Giuseppe

Planas-David, Mia - President

Suarez, Gilbert

Wong, Derrick

Allen, Maureen - Vice Principal

Ryan, Joe - Principal

Rev. Kazimierz Abrahamczk - Pastor