Grades k-8 » Curriculum



All Souls Catholic School has a well-defined curriculum supplemented with enrichment programs to meet the individual needs of our students. We provide students with a strong foundation in basic skills necessary for reading, communicating, thinking independently, and enhancing their character.


Each class devotes time each day to religion, mathematics, language arts (reading, English, spelling, and penmanship), social studies, and science. The curriculum offers opportunities for a student to demonstrate dignity, potential, and growth as a whole person in relationship with God and others.


Our qualified, dedicated, and caring staff set high expectations for academic excellence and utilize the latest approaches in education and methodology to help students meet these expectations. 


Other integral parts of the curriculum include:  

  • Well-equipped science lab
  • Technology lab
  • Computer classes for grades K-8
  • Art, Music, P. E. programs for grades K-8
  • Spanish grade K-8
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Departmental classes in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • Catholic Television Network in grades K-8
  • Family Life Programs
  • Multicultural lessons
  • Cultural, educational, and recreational field trips
  • Annual Science Fair in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • Spelling Bee and other academic contests
  • New laptop program (Introduced 2009)
  • Google Chrome Netbooks,- Grade K-8 (One to One program)
  • Wellness Classes


 Extra Curricula Activities

  • Academic Decathlon - Students participate in the California Catholic Schools Academic Junior High Decathlon
  • Band - Students in grades 3-8 participate in an after school instrumental music program
  • Book Club - 2nd through 4th grade students gather to read a variety of books. Reading different kinds of books - picture books, mysteries, fables, biographies, non-fiction will be explored through the weeks of the Book Club. 
  • Math Competitions - Students compete in competitions sponsored by  Serra High and Notre Dame High School
  • Student Council - Students are elected by the student body.  They work on special community related projects (Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas toy drive) and school events and activities.
  • Yearbook Club - Students in Grades 6-8 create the annual school yearbook
  • Chess Club


If you have further questions about our curriculum, our faith, or our philosophy on teaching reach out to us anytime!