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Character Education

Character Education

All Souls School has an effective character education program in place. For several years our Virtue of the Month program has highlighted the values and virtues we teach every day, to every grade, throughout our curriculum. Our goal is to instill values and virtues in our students and then build upon them, making them intrinsic motivators for positive choices and actions.

 We offer our students meaningful ways to develop positive character traits, values, and virtues based on a positive self-image. We build character through discussions, definitions of key terms, posters, positive role-modeling, and a variety of activities. Students grow more responsive to others and to their community while continuing to develop and refine their moral values and independent consciences.

   We know, as you as parents know, that in today’s world we are guiding our children and preparing them for life in times that are often hectic, confusing, and sometimes terrifying. By working together, we are helping to enable them to make virtuous decisions and to live their faith. It is our goal to provide our students with an avenue that will lead them toward becoming socially responsible and well-grounded young adults able to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others while understanding and respecting diverse groups of people.

Building Character
•All Souls Catholic  School•
September  -  Faith
October  -  Empathy
November  -  Conscience
December  -  Hope
January  -  Self-Control
February  -  Respect
March  -  Kindness
April  -  Love
May-  Acceptance
June - Fairness