Grades k-8 » Grade 1

Grade 1

English And Language Arts

The primary focus of first grade language arts program is the development of reading and writing skills. Students in the first grade learn the phonetic components of language and they learn to apply these components in their oral and silent reading. Students in the first grade also develop their comprehension skills and a basic understanding of story structure. Writing skills are developed beginning with a focus on spelling, handwriting, punctuation, capitalization, as well as the writing process.


History & Social Studies

The social studies curriculum begins with looking at ourselves, our families, our school, our friends and our community. Basic map skills are developed as students study maps, globes and their own community. The curriculum also focuses on current events, different cultures and citizenship. Students will learn to locate on maps and globes San Mateo, California, the United States, the seven continents, and the four oceans. Students will learn the process of making rules, voting and sportsmanship. Children will learn and try to follow "the golden rule", (treat others the way we want to be treated). Students learn to compare cities, transportation, schools, games and jobs of today vs. the past. Children learn the ways we honor our country & heroes. They learn about American symbols, documents and landmarks. The children are introduced to different cultures and traditions. We end the year learning about the differences between needs and wants as well as goods and services.



The concepts of number and place value and the understanding of the processes of addition and subtraction are the major focus of the first grade curriculum. Students will master the addition and subtraction facts up to the number 20. Also, students continue to work on classification, patters, estimation, and measuring. The concepts of “greater than and less than” as well as fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4) are introduced. Students will learn the characteristics and properties of two and three dimensional geometric shapes. Students will learn to add and subtract tens and ones with regrouping.


Religion Studies

The first grade religion program focuses on the “family” of the Church. Students will come to understand the meaning of God, Our Father. They will come to learn of Jesus as God’s Son and the lessons He taught us. They will learn about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. They will learn how to participate in school Masses and Catholic holidays. They will learn the importance of prayer, kindness, sharing and giving service to others. The children will learn about the lives of many saints and Bible stories. The children will be introduced to Sacraments of our Catholic church.



First graders learn about their bodies and study and experience the five senses. They also study plants and animals and animal habitats. They learn methods of recycling natural resources as they come to understand how important it is to care for our earth. First graders will learn that solids, liquids and gases have different properties. First graders also do an indepth study of plants and butterflies.


Foreign Language - Spanish

Spanish class begins with greetings, prayers, and today’s weather and date. Through music, games, and conversation, students review colors, alphabet, numbers, months of the year, days of the week, and body parts as warm up. Students learn new vocabulary weekly and perform oral and written activities using a workbook. Students grades are based on their participation and work in class.