Learning Resource Program

All Souls Catholic School embraces the challenge to ensure needed services for students with special needs.  We recognize our responsibility to provide a learning environment that fosters growth and considers the individual needs of the child.  To the extent possible, we will serve children with special needs in general education classes.

When a teacher observes the need of learning support for a student, a Student Success Team (SST) meeting is held wherein the classroom teacher, Learning Resource teacher, and parents develop strategies to best aid student success. All future services from the Learning Resource Program are provided and planned through a collaborative approach by the Student Success Team.

Students who receive accommodations from our Learning Resource Program already have one of the following:

  • IEP (Individualized Education Plan) from a local school district
  • Phycho-Educational Report from a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) or Ph. D
  • Medical Assessment from a Medical Doctor.

Our mission continues to help students develop their awareness of God in their lives while preparing them to live a life of commitment and service.  By helping each student understand that he or she is a gifted child of God, worthy of being loved and loving in return, we can fulfill these goals.